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United to #EndALS: Canadian NHL Teams Unite to Support the ALS Super Fund

Published December 14, 2023

TORONTO – The Canadian National Hockey League (NHL) teams are uniting in a landmark initiative to support the ALS Super Fund, a broad-based campaign to find better treatments and support for Canadians living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). This joint effort, inspired by the voices of ALS patients and led by former NHL player Mark Kirton, is part of a growing, patient-led movement dedicated to finally curing this devastating disease.

Mark Kirton, an ALS patient since 2018 and esteemed ALS Action Canada board member, has spearheaded awareness and advocacy efforts since his diagnosis and, recently, within the NHL community. His dedication has activated prominent athletes and media representatives to endorse helping eradicate ALS, including Wayne Gretzky, Darryl Sittler, Wendel Clark, Christine Simpson, and Don Cherry, among several others. Mark has also produced 33 ALS support videos highlighted on social media and the ALS Super Fund website. His determination led to the remarkable alliance of all seven Canadian NHL teams, which have united to amplify ALS advocacy and raise significant funds for research.

“The NHL community has felt the impact of ALS on many of its members. The disease moves rapidly, but access to potential therapies in Canada does not”, said Mr. Kirton. “There has never been a more promising time to change ALS from a terminal disease to a treatable condition. We are grateful to the NHL for recognizing the significant need to support Canadians with ALS.”

The ALS Super Fund, an initiative of ALS Action Canada, is a unique model, led by patients, guided by experts, and implemented by charitable organizations working toward common cause across the country. The Super Fund is focused on results: advancing research and ensuring equitable access to treatments and trials for all Canadians.

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