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Join the fight to help #EndALS forever!

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  • If your family has been impacted by ALS, send us your story so that we can add it to our website. Each story is so important in building the movement to #EndALS!
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  • Contact your Member of Parliament, the federal health minister, your provincial health minister, and MLA/MNA/MPP and tell them:
    • Faster approval by Health Canada and the rest of Canada’s regulatory system for new ALS treatments and cures is important to you
    • This is a time of unprecedented hope for people with ALS
    • Ask them to join the existing federal, multi-party ALS Caucus. The ALS Caucus was formed in 2017 following the death by ALS of MP Mauril Bélanger. It is chaired by Francis Drouin, Liberal MP for Glengarry—Prescott—Russell

Thank you for joining our fight to #EndALS!

Join our fight to #EndALS!

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