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ALS Super Fund: Together We #EndALS

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Hope is on the Horizon

Although an ALS diagnosis has been treated as a death sentence, new treatments that can stop and even reverse progression are in development. Researchers are optimistic that these emerging treatments will make ALS a manageable illness within the next ten years. The clock is ticking for people diagnosed. We must ensure that our health system is ready to provide immediate, equitable access to all promising new therapies. Unfortunately, the Canadian health system is not yet set up to give people with ALS a fighting chance.

Here’s Our Solution

People with ALS need the Canadian health system to:

1) Invest in more research to better understand and manage the disease.
2) Make sure that new treatments are rapidly approved.
3) Ensure equitable access to treatments for all Canadians.

These changes are not difficult but they do require will. ALS patients have created the ALS Super Fund to inspire change.

Let’s Do It Together

ALS charities have been set up in provinces across Canada. These charities provide critical physical support to people with ALS and make some investments in research and policy change. The ALS Super Fund will work with all charities across Canada, as well as government, businesses, researchers, and Foundations, directing funds to where they are most needed. The ALS Super Fund has created an advisory council – Canada’s top minds in ALS – to ensure that resources are provided to ALS hotspots across the country.

Join Us Now

The ALS Super Fund was created by ALS Action Canada, a patient-led organization founded by people determined to catalyze a movement of change. The goal of the ALS Super Fund is to create a unified solution to a common problem: ending ALS. We know the changes required to #endALS.


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