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Early ALS Detection with AI

Published September 29, 2023

Canadian-Developed AI Technology Aims to Support Early Detection of ALS

MNd-5 algorithm screens electronic medical records to assist physicians in identifying individuals for which follow-up investigations for ALS may be appropriate

An initiative known as the “Process for Progress in ALS: An EMR-Based Practice Initiative”, is a collaboration of Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Canada (MTP-CA) and a trio of ALS experts. The scientists are Angela Genge, MD, executive director of the ALS Centre of Excellence at The Neuro, in Montreal; Amer A. Ghavanini, PhD, division head of neurology at Trillium Health Partners in Mississauga, Canada; and Amanda Fiander, a neurologist at Maritime Neurology, in Nova Scotia.

An AI program is used to analyze de-identified electronic medical records (EMRs) and detect individuals who should be tested for ALS or referred to a specialty centre. It employs a clinical algorithm — called MNd-5 and using real-world patient data — that screens EMRs and related patient EMGs to help physicians spot patients for whom investigations for the neurodegenerative disorder may be appropriate.

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